The Value of an Arts Major

The Value of an Arts Major

Any list of “worst college majors for your career” or “useless undergraduate degrees” is practically guaranteed to include the arts in one form or another. These reports often site exorbitantly high unemployment rates and alarmingly low median income levels among graduates. As a proud holder of one of these notoriously “worthless” degrees, I’m quite familiar [...]


The Reality of Six-Figure Debt on an Actor’s Salary

Actor Student Loans

Freddy Arsenault is a Broadway actor with six figures of student loan debt, thanks to the MFA acting program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Among actors, Arsenault is one of the “lucky ones”. According to Actors Equity Association, the professional theatre actors union, fewer than 15 percent of due paying members are able [...]


Relative Materialism: Redefining “Need”

Relative Materialism: Redefining Needs

Pauline at Reach Financial Independence has pledged 10% of her blogging income to support children’s education in her village in Guatemala. She recently used that money to finance scholarships for the two best students at the local middle school so that they could go to a top boarding school for high school over the course of [...]


How Fast Can You Churn a Credit Card?

How Fast Can You Churn A Credit Card?

For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase “credit card churning”, it’s the process whereby you maximize rewards and sign up bonuses from credit cards to score freebies like flights, hotel stays, and other bonuses. After my first successful churn to fly to Europe for $25 in April, I decided to employ the same strategy [...]


The Sex vs Money Taboo

The Money Taboo

Do you remember your first sex ed class in school? I do. I have a vivid memory of my phys ed teacher- also in charge of health and subsequently sex education- posing the question, “what is sex?” I guess there’s nothing like walking into a room of insecure pre-pubescents and making them instantly uncomfortable. She [...]


The Latte Factor In Reverse: Make The Little Things Work FOR You

The Latte Factor In Reverse: Make The Little Things Work FOR You

The following post is sponsored by Qmee. If you’ve ever read anything about day-to-day money saving strategies, (and if you’re a broke and beautiful lifer, you most definitely have), you’re probably all too familiar with, if not entirely over, the “latte factor”. But on the off chance that you’re not well versed in this pillar [...]


Is Assuming the Worst Keeping You From Saving Money?

Is Assuming the Worst Keeping Your From Saving Money?

I wrote an article for US News & World Report a while back entitled “How to Save Money By Stretching Your Comfort Level” in which I challenged readers to reconsider their typical approach as consumers. I find that we often get trapped into patterns of spending that don’t always serve us best, simply out of [...]


Are You Using the Right Tools To Change Your Financial Behavior?

Are You Using the Right Tools to Change Financial Behavior

In addition to my years of intensive conservatory training to become an actor- lying on the floor, breathing into “puddles of sound”, and delving into my innermost self to transform into everything from baby to ape– I also buckled down for some serious studies during my years at NYU and double majored in Psychology (not [...]


Rethinking the Survival Job

Rethinking the Survival Job

The key to the sustainable pursuit of passion is getting grounded in financial reality; staying well above what I like to call “the make or break number”- the absolute minimum level of income needed to cover your most basic life expenses while funding long term savings and retirement goals. While you can employ cost cutting [...]


Create Your Own Opportunities: Crowdfunding Effectively

successful crowdfunding

The following is a guest post from fellow artist/entrepreneur Matt Paessler.  Matt has taken the reins on his career using crowdfunding to create his own artistic opportunities.  Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today! Young artists today have it far better and far worse than the generations of young artists that came [...]


Should I Invest in Myself or Myself?

Should I Invest For My Present or My Future?

Whether I want to believe it or not, 2014 is quickly coming to an end. I know we’ve still got a quarter year between now and New Years, but with the increasing swiftness of time (if this is what it feels like at 28, I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel at 60), I [...]


Is It Irresponsible to Give When You’re Poor?

Give When You’re Poor

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger Ben at The Wealth Gospel.  Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today!   A few weeks ago, I was writing about some of our debt problems on my blog. One of the things I mentioned that we struggle with is our desire to give [...]