A Black Friday Lesson For the New Year

Black Friday Lessons for the New Year

It might be a little late to be talking Black Friday with Christmas just a week away, but looking back is sometimes the best way of learning how to best move forward… The good fortune of gainful employment this holiday season meant that my Black Friday consisted of a full three-show day at The Chicago [...]


The Trouble with Holiday Spending Expectations

The Trouble With Holiday Spending Expectations

My boyfriend and I were discussing our upcoming holiday plans when the all too familiar problem of “I don’t know what to get anyone” arose. I started brainstorming gifts aloud for his mom, dad, brother, etc when he cut me off with, “I don’t know what to get YOU.” My mind immediately went to the [...]


Inside the Artists Wallet: Artistic Dreams and Financial Reality

Today we’re wrapping up our interview with Patrick Judd, actor, producer, and founder of XYXee theatre company. In Episode 2: Art and Entrepreneurship, Patrick shared his experience of starting his own theatre company and all the business challenges and financial realities that come with it. In Episode 1: What Do You Do With a BA [...]


Bringing Positivity to Retirement Savings

Bringing Positivity Back to Retirement Savings

I’ve always dreamed of retirement as a kind of magical place where late mornings in bed are a regular occurrence and indulgent beach vacations are just a quick plane ride away. But with post-financial crisis realities, longer life expectancies, and largely insufficient savings, the reality of retirement for most Americans has shifted notably- leaving many [...]


Rejection Isn’t Failure

Rejection Isn’t Failure

In the past year I’ve built up a long list of freelance contributor gigs, and over the course of that time I’ve had a lot of success.   I’ve also had a lot of notes, edits, and of course, rejections. My most recent rejection was a piece I had written for a website I contribute to [...]


The Trouble With Moderation

The Trouble With Moderation

Growing up I was always averse to the idea of cheesecake- nothing about the seemingly random combination of cheese and cake sounded appealing to me. So while others were drooling over dessert trays filled with cheesecake variations, I happily passed with no threat to my willpower or waistline. That is… until I tried cheesecake. Yummm. [...]


The Danger In Assuming Future Income Increases

The Danger in Assuming Future Income

Assumptions help us expedite many of our day-to-day errands and tasks.  Relying on previous experiences and past evidence provides a context for more informed decision making… most of the time. When it comes to financial planning however, assumptions don’t always serve us well. One common assumption among young professionals is that salary will always increase. [...]


A REAL Frugal Black Friday

Frugal Black Friday

Black Friday may be the ultimate display of false frugality. Retailers hawk supposedly “unbeatable” deals with massive ad campaigns and promotions all centered around SAVINGS. But for consumers, whether we realize it or not, Black Friday is first and foremost about SPENDING. That’s not to say that there are no deals to be had, but [...]


Inside the Artists Wallet: Art and Entrepreneurship

Artists Wallet S01E02

Please welcome back actor, producer, and founder of theatre company “start-up” XYXee, Patrick Judd. After speaking with Patrick about life post-theatre major and getting started in an arts career, we got to learn more about how Patrick decided to go about launching his own artistic venture. Today we’re discussing…  Art and Entrepreneurship   :08-1:56: Starting [...]


Best Shopping Apps

Between mobile pay, on-the-go research capabilities, and innumerable shopping apps, cell phones are quickly becoming the most comprehensive money tool I’ve ever used. If you’re not taking advantage of at least some of these mobile capabilities, you’re more than likely missing out on significant savings- leaving money on the table that could be used to [...]


Opening the Spending Floodgates

Opening the Spending Floodgates: Resisting Temptation

Greetings from (excruciatingly cold) Chicago! For those of you who don’t know, I’m out on tour with How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Musical. Following a brief engagement in Birmingham, Alabama last week, we are now in Chicago playing through the end of November before flying back to New York and performing at Madison Square [...]


What Creates Value?

Love Letters Broadway

In personal finance (and in life in general) there’s a great deal of discussion around “value”. More than the lowest price or even best product, we seek to secure the best possible value. The thing about value though is that it’s incredibly subjective- something that has high value to one person may have little or [...]