Is It Irresponsible to Give When You’re Poor?

Give When You’re Poor

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger Ben at The Wealth Gospel.  Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today!   A few weeks ago, I was writing about some of our debt problems on my blog. One of the things I mentioned that we struggle with is our desire to give [...]


Real Estate Comparison: What Can You Buy in New York City?


I’ve lived in New York City for ten years- that’s right, it’s official. Having earned my true New Yorker “badge” my mantra to everyone, from skeptics to new transplants, has become, “New York is as expensive as you want it to be.” The caveat… you have to be willing to make certain lifestyle trade offs. [...]


Budget Travel: Four Nights in New Orleans

Budget Travel New Orleans

It’s been a week since I returned from New Orleans and I’m just now starting to recover and put together the scattered pieces of my spending. I started out well with a full account of day 1 NOLA expenses in my spreadsheet, but the rest is scattered on crumpled up receipts, credit card statements, and [...]


New York City Is As Expensive As You Want It To Be

New York City Is as Expensive as you Want it to Be

I hear the stories over and over again- the $11 grilled cheese in Time Square, the $3,000/month 400 square foot studio apartment, the $400/month parking garage space- these are the tales that have come to represent New York City and it’s seemingly impossible cost of living. While I have no doubt they are true- in [...]


In Pursuit of Millionaires: Secrets to Success

Millionaires: Secrets to Success

Do you want to be a millionaire? Ummm, duh, who doesn’t? Fantasies of financial freedom and all the juicy goodness of living the seven-figure life pervade my daily musings. Living in New York City, I’m immersed in millionairedom. I peer creepily  curiously into the windows of Park Avenue apartments, hopeful to get a glimpse of how [...]


LOW COST NOLA: New Orleans on a Budget

New Orleans On a Budget

Time for ANOTHER trip. That’s right, just two weeks after returning from San Antonio, Texas I’m en route to New Orleans, Louisiana for a four-night stay in the Big Easy. After an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico this summer and a two-week stay in Europe this Spring, the travel fund is admittedly tight, but with FinCon [...]


The Unbelievers: Financial Lessons from an Evidence Based Philosophy

Financial Lessons from an Evidenced Based Philosophy

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching a documentary entitled "The Unbelievers" which follows evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss on a tour of the world, advocating for reason and logic in place of blind faith and religion. Being an “unbeliever” myself, I tried to think critically about my experience watching this [...]


Why You Should Give Up On Being The Best


To say I come from a competitive family would be a gross understatement. My childhood was about how many accolades I could acquire- from A’s on the report card to medals at gymnastics meets to various merit certificates that now line the wall of my parents’ basement. Even amongst each other, being the best was [...]


Perks and Challenges of Working From Home

Perks and Challenges of Working From Home

About six weeks ago I got a job offer for a show that will start rehearsals in October and play through the end of the year. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in any other theatre work before the October start date, I decided to step up my freelance side hustle and start working from [...]


Why I’m Giving Up My Daily Latte

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger Brent at  As a regular contributor to VOSA myself, I'm thrilled to feature Brent on The Broke and Beautiful Life today! Willpower is a finite element that you use up throughout the days. Knowing this has lead me to keep certain routines so I’m am [...]


What Can I Learn From My “Archetype”?

What Can We Learn From Our Archetype?

What can we learn about ourselves by reducing ourselves to a stereotype or by classifying ourselves as an archetype? No woman has ever watched Sex and the City without trying to figure out whether she’s a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha. Similarly, no woman would classify herself as just one. We all like to think [...]


Ever Consider Churning Bank Accounts?

Churning Bank Accounts

The following is a guest post from from financial analyst and early financial independence advocate, Will Lipovsky, at First Quarter Finance.  Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today! Churning credit cards is a pretty common practice. You sign up for a credit card during a special promotional offer. Then you meet the card's [...]