What’s YOUR Make or Break Number?

What’s Your Make or Break Number?

Do you know your make or break number? That is, do you know exactly how much it costs at a bare minimum to run “YOU inc.”?  By YOU inc. I mean you and anyone you are financially responsible for; lucky for me, that’s just me.  Now if you’re married and have joint finances, it’s “US [...]


Apple Stock: A Lesson In Patience

Apple Stock AAPL

I own 35 shares of Apple stock (AAPL); purchased at $76.40 a share.  As of market close yesterday, the price of that stock was $100.53.  That’s a 31.58% increase on my initial investment for a total gain of $844.40.  Pretty sweet deal considering all it took was about thirty seconds of my time and $4.95 [...]


Four Tips for Decorating On a Budget

Decorating On a Budget

Hi everyone! I'm Olivia from DIY Mother and I'm over the moon about sharing some budget-friendly decorating tips with you all today. I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, so I don't have much time (or money) for decorating. The DIY projects I do for DIY Mother are usually small, home [...]


Affordable New York City Housing: It’s Real!

NYC Housing

A couple months back, after years of listening to gross misconceptions about the cost of NYC living, I posed the question, “How Much Do You Actually Need to Live In New York City?” What I found in my analysis, is that expenses for New Yorkers can be made comparable to living expenses for folks in [...]


What Gives Worth vs. What Gives Joy

Worth vs Joy

As a professional actress, my career has been a wild ride of euphoric highs and painful lows wrapped up into a one-page resume that, in some ways, has come to define the past seven years of my life.  Sometimes it frightens me how much of my identity and self-worth comes from the words written on [...]


How To Plan For Retirement In Your 20s

Retirement Planning in Your 20s

After sixteen plus years of schooling you’re probably anxious and excited, anticipating your first venture into the “real world” –  getting your first job, signing your first lease, and reveling in your total independence… finally. If that newfound autonomy is something you’d like to maintain in your later years of life however, there’s one more [...]


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Trivializing Disease or Doing Good?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In recent days, my facebook news feed has exploded with “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” statuses.  Some, in support of the ALS awareness movement gone viral, complete with clips of creative “icings”;  others in support of the cause, but vehemently opposed to the “selfie”-like showmanship of “icing” videos in place of actual monetary support. For the [...]


How To Become An Expert On Anything

Become an Expert

Against all odds- a degree in drama and psychology and six years experience as a professional theatre actress- I have managed to become on expert on personal finance, at least according to the people who hire me to write about it. Those familiar with my history of completely irrelevant work experience and studies often ask [...]


Don’t Let the Fine Print Bite You In the Behind

Fine Print

After returning from a fabulously indulgent all-inclusive vacation in Mexico last month, I can’t stop fantasizing about what’s next.  Of course my inbox is no help.  Every day there’s some new promotion- hot summer sale, 24-hour madness,  $99 deals!  While I haven’t taken the time to do the smart thing and unsubscribe, I have clicked [...]


Turning 28: Abandoning Self-Imposed Deadlines

Abandoning Self-Imposed Deadlines

At this time last year I wrote the post Turning 27, in which I reflected on my many pre-conceived notions of what this period of life would, or rather “should” look like- marriage, career stability, home ownership, etc.- none of which had come into fruition, and a year later, still have not.  But looking back, [...]


It’s Cheaper In New York

Cheaper In New York City

 The cost of living in New York City can be painful- sky high rents and a premium on just about everything from groceries to toiletries.  But there are some exceptions.  Instances when things are actually CHEAPER in New York than the rest of the country.  So look on the bright side and enjoy!   Pizza. [...]


Comparison Shopping 101: Get More Savings!

Comparison Shopping

Do you ever suffer from #FOMO when shopping?  For those not up to date on the latest lingo, the hashtag acronym, #FOMO, stands for the” Fear Of Missing Out”.  For some, #FOMO strikes while having to work on a Friday night, worrying that the greatness of life is happening without them.  For savvy shoppers and [...]