It’s Cheaper In New York

Cheaper In New York City

 The cost of living in New York City can be painful- sky high rents and a premium on just about everything from groceries to toiletries.  But there are some exceptions.  Instances when things are actually CHEAPER in New York than the rest of the country.  So look on the bright side and enjoy!   Pizza. [...]


Comparison Shopping 101: Get More Savings!

Comparison Shopping

Do you ever suffer from #FOMO when shopping?  For those not up to date on the latest lingo, the hashtag acronym, #FOMO, stands for the” Fear Of Missing Out”.  For some, #FOMO strikes while having to work on a Friday night, worrying that the greatness of life is happening without them.  For savvy shoppers and [...]


Couponing Like A New Yorker

Couponing Like a New Yorker

Last week I confessed my lack of enthusiasm for traditional coupon clipping and explored some simpler alternatives in the post, Everyday Savings for the Non Couponer.  Today, I'm thrilled to introduce fellow New Yorker, actress, frugalista, and coupon extraordinaire, Sarah Cooney, who shows us that couponing, even in the confines of limited time and space, [...]


5 Reasons EVERYONE Should Take An Acting Class

5 Reasons Everyone Should Take an Acting Class

Say what you will about the impracticality of getting a degree in theatre, but the skills I learned in my four years of conservatory training have proved invaluable far beyond the stage.  I have no doubt that the lessons learned in acting 101 have been a major asset in my surprising success with entrepreneurship. I [...]


Everyday Savings for the Non Couponer

Everyday Savings

I am a frugality blogger who sucks at couponing but loves to save money- bizarre combination, I know.  I have no patience for scoping out the circulars, clipping coupons, and actually using them before they expire.  I’m sorry, but all that effort is just not worth saving 75 cents on a bag of chips I [...]


Google Is The New Resume

Google Is the New Resume

While Googling yourself may have been considered an amusing pastime or self indulgent diversion in the past, in today’s day and age of internet dependency and ubiquity, knowing your Google “standing”, “presence”, “footprint”, whatever you want to call it, is an essential part of any career building effort. According to a 2010 study, nearly 80% [...]


How To Choose A Bank: Find Your Perfect Match

How To Choose a Bank

You probable have (or had) a long list of requirements when looking for a significant other.  While there are some things you are (or were) willing to compromise on, others were definite deal breakers- no smokers or gum poppers for me. So why not apply the same standard of judgment when choosing a bank?  After [...]


Blogging Lessons Learned

Blogging Lessons Learned

I’ve had many people ask me about the how-to's of blogging and where to begin, so I figured I’d develop a whole series about it, starting with my own journey of blogging lessons learned. On April 19th, 2012 I published my first blog post knowing next to nothing about blogging.  I casually posted musings whenever [...]


Cultivating a Gratitude Mindset and iPad Mini GIVEAWAY


The following is guest post from the fabulous Shannon at The Heavy Purse.  Please join me in welcoming her to the blog today, and don't forget to enter the giveaway! Today there is intense pressure to "keep up" with those around you and have the latest and greatest in everything. Those "keep up" urges whisper [...]


My Single Most Effective Money Saving Strategy: Safe Sex

Save Money: Have Safe Sex

Safe sex isn’t just about warding off disease and preventing pregnancy, it’s about hopes and dreams and serious financial realities.  For me, safe sex is the difference between leading a frugal and fabulous life, living out my wild and impulsive dreams, and falling below the poverty line; living off of food stamps, collecting welfare, and [...]


The New York City Experience

The New York City Experience

The following is a guest post from early financial independence seeker, FI Fighter.  Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today!  Excellent video of the New York Experience from the new cast of Broadway's On The Town   I visited New York City for the first time in my life in May 2014. Prior [...]


Love and Money

The following is a guest post from Vangile at Wealthy Money.  Please join me in welcoming her to the blog today! The year 2010 was the closest I came to a nervous breakdown.  I started and registered 3 companies in 3 different industries in 12 months and closed them all down before the year was [...]