The High Price of Being a Woman

The High Price of Being a Woman

Men can complain about the cost of dating all they like, but until it becomes equally acceptable for me to roll out of bed and take on the day with unkempt hair, a faded t-shirt, and a pair of well worn sneakers, I think that we can put the debate over relative expenses to rest. [...]


What My Zero-Sum Budget Taught Me

What My Zero-Sum Budget Taught Me

Due to the nature of my nomadic lifestyle and inconsistent income I’ve always been a little lax on my budgeting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve vigilantly tracked every penny earned and spent on my trusted excel spreadsheets for the last few years, but I never got overly stressed if the numbers didn’t add up quite [...]


Why I’m Starting A Gremlin Fund

The Gremlin Fund

The following is a guest post from friend and fellow actress Sara Abernethy. Enjoy- I know I did! I have a thing for parking tickets. They have plagued me ever since my mom let me take my first car to college. Now I live in California where parking (and driving) is a necessary evil - often [...]


Can Underindulging Make You Happier?


I spend a lot of my time figuring out how to afford my indulgences. From winter skiing to summer vacations to every latte and artisan taco in between, the broke and beautiful philosophy centers around living rich in spite of limited funds. But am I, even in my frugal approach, overindulging to a fault? In [...]


Diversity of Income, Diversity of Happiness

“If you can imagine yourself happy doing anything else, do that instead.” That’s arguably the most common advice given to those pursuing a professional life in the arts. Knowing how difficult building a sustainable career in theater is first hand, I can honestly say it’s not a bad recommendation. In fact, I’m likely to give [...]


Affording Indulgence

Affording Indulgence

Last week the boyfriend and I capitalized on a last minute scheduling change, using the unexpected opportunity to indulge in a midweek ski getaway. Unfortunately, skiing and boarding aren’t exactly budget friendly sports. And while we didn’t have to pay for accommodations, peak pricing, or any kind of gear rental, we still had to budget [...]


Personal Finance Karaoke: “My Budget and I”

Personal Finance Karaoke

I do two things professionally- work in musical theater and write about money. Today, I’m attempting to better reach the audience who responds more to the former. The result is an embarrassingly bad, bedroom karaoke version of the song, “The Wizard and I” from the hit show “Wicked”, rewritten by yours truly as… wait for [...]


crowdfunding campaign

A few months ago, fellow artist and guest poster, Matt Paessler, shared the secrets to the success of his first crowdfunding campaign.  Today, fellow blogger, Joseph Hogue, shares his expertise as a crowdfunding pro, with top tips on how to effectively market your crowdfunding campaign to ensure you wind up fully funded. Crowdfunding has exploded [...]


How Much Of My Income Should I Spend On Housing?

How Much Of My Income Should I Spend on Housing?

I’m pretty sure the “Rent is Too Damn High” guy lives in my neighborhood. I often spot his fully branded “rent is too damn high mobile” parked along the streets of alphabet city, and in the spring and summer, I’ll pass by the man himself taking a leisurely stroll along St. Marks Place. For those [...]


Down The Healthcare Rabbit Hole

Down the Healthcare Rabbit Hole: Signing Up On the Exchange

Staff writer, Sarah Cooney, recently braved the healthcare exchange to secure her 2015 coverage.  If you haven't done so yet, you have until the February 15th deadline! Once upon a simpler time, my father informed a 20-something me that I needed health insurance.  As a poor college grad on an artists income, I was about [...]


Student Loan Payoff Strategies

Student Loan Payoff Strategies

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger, and professional optometrist, Syed at The Broke Professional. Student loans are one of the most maddening financial topics. They can negatively affect your finances for your entire life if you’re not careful every step of the way. For a country that prides itself on being at [...]


What’s My Tax Liability on Rewards and Cash Back?

Tax Liability on Rewards and Cash Back

2014 was a pretty rockstar year in the world of credit card, banking, and online bonus offers. I cashed in on all kinds of deals totaling in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So while I was looking at my latest Chase Freedom reward statement and the $30 in cash back I had available [...]