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Pets Without the Price Tag

According to the first year expenses for adopting a dog in the US range between $766-$10,350.  The cost each following year ranges from $526-$9,352!!!

Petfinder estimates the first year adoptive cat expenses between $370-$5,070.  And each year after between $295 and $4,570.

ASPCA has a nice breakdown of the minimum you should expect to pay (both annual costs and first year costs) for various pets.  Not surprisingly, large dogs come out on top and fish come in cheapest.  Regardless of which route you go, pet ownership is a serious consideration for your life AND your budget.

While I personally find pets to be a waste of money (call me heartless) , I understand and appreciate that not everyone feels that way.  So I’ve found a way that the costs of pet ownership can be mitigated, even eliminated, so that those on a budget can still enjoy the company of a furry friend.

Pet Fostering

Fostering a pet means taking a homeless dog or cat into your home and caring for it for a designated period of time or until it is adopted (generally between a week and a month).  The costs of all veterinary care, food, and other supplies the pet may need are covered by the adoption organization.

Fostering is the perfect solution for those who want a pet without the financial burden.  To sign up to foster an animal, find a rescue group or shelter near you.

A simple google search of  “Pet Fostering NYC” (or whatever you location) brings up a whole list of agencies, including… 


Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animal

So if expense has been holding you back from getting a pet, here’s your chance.  Foster an animal and not only will you enjoy yourself, but you’ll be providing a much needed service.


Have you ever fostered or considered fostering an animal?

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