Time Management

I am unbelievably good at wasting time.  In fact, the more of it I have, the better I am at doing absolutely nothing.  It was all well and good when I was on the regular 9-5  schedule (or my version of it), but now that I’ve got my own freelance business, I can’t afford to come home and waste a full hour on my facebook newsfeed.  And yet, I do, all the time.  Instead of maximizing my few unclaimed hours, I do what I shouldn’t be doing, while I stress out about what I should be doing.

If I keep it up, I’ll never reach my goal of doubling my freelance income by the end of 2014, and I certainly won’t have a shot of getting my book done (ps.  The Broke and Beautiful Life is becoming a book!)  So, I’ve decided to institute a new policy for the month of May- Time Management Accountability.

Time Management


You know how I always harp about tracking your expenses? Or how experts always recommend keeping a food journal when you’re trying to change your eating habits?  Well, I’ve decided to use that system of tracking/journaling to hold myself accountable to my time.  All month I’m going to track the hours of my day, hopefully reprogramming myself to use those hours productively rather than streaming yet another full series on Netflix.

If you have any other tips for time management, please share.  I’m gonna need ‘em!


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Have you ever used journaling or tracking to hold yourself accountable to a goal?



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    I have a problem with wasting time on the internet too. And it doesn’t help that my work is ON the internet. I try to close out every single tab and write posts in word instead of online. If I have any tabs up my mouse wonders. Also I give myself incentives if I finish something. Like a nice glass of sangria at the end of the day helped me finish an article.

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    Keeping track of my time and having a sticky notes are very helpful to me. It makes me to be more productive and at the same time being able to balance my time in my work and to my family especially to my daughter.

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    The computer is my biggest time suck….for the last few years I come home and plop my work laptop on the kitchen table. It’s always there, always begging for me to check email, surf the web, or look at social media. I’ve made attempts at this in the past, and I’m taking another run at it. I have a nice home office area where my personal desktop sits. I have room for my work laptop as well. now, when I get home I put my laptop in the home office area, where it’s really out of the way. I dedicate a certain amount of time each evening to blogging and work. I do it away from my family and find myself REALLY productive. When my time is up, then I let the screens sit. Can I do it???? I hope so!

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      I think that’s a great strategy, good luck! I’m trying to implement a similar tactic, with definite and clear cut off times for certain tasks.

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    Sometimes when I do something tedious for work, I plan a schedule and then try to play beat the clock. I’m a little competitive, even with myself, so it helps keep the distractions away. Good luck!

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    Here you are telling my business again, for time management is killing me right now. I was also thinking today that I really need to start creating time blocks to take care of things in my life. I’m gonna go look for Time Management and ask him to be my best friend.

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